Out-Source Services

Insurance Billing
Is your insurance billing being done accurately?  Is it being done timely?  Our billing staff is highly trained to evaluate the services provided prior to being submitted to the carriers.  We submit claims both electronically and via paper submissions.
Insurance Collections
Are your insurance collections where they should be – probably not!  Our experienced team of collectors will work aggressively  to ensure that the reimbursement from the carriers is not a penny less than what it should be.  We are diligent in our efforts to collect every outstanding dollar owed to you!
Follow-up on Unpaid / Incorrectly Paid Claims
Not only do we collect on your outstanding claims per patient, but we isolate claim issues that are affecting your particular practice overall and may even be affecting the profession as a whole.
Patient Billing & Collections
For our billing and collections clients, this service is designed to meet the needs of each individual practice.
Insurance Verifications
In some cases, outsourcing this task to a professional is the way to go.  Our specialized office can more easily identify and isolate when the insurance carrier is providing improper information.  We feel this is such an important aspect to certain types of health care disciplines, that we have dedicated a department to handle this service exclusively. Proper insurance verifications are the key to maximizing your reimbursement and handling that patient properly from the first visit to the last!
Managed Care Contracting
Does your office have questions about managed care contracting?  Does your office have the time to complete the extensive forms and analysis how participation will affect your overall financial picture?  Will you see increased patient volume or just fee reductions?  Let us give you all the information about how to handle this aspect of your practice.