The Medical Necessity Appeals Field Manual

  • A thorough and easy to use reference guide for understanding and constructing your own successful medical necessity appeals.
  • Includes sample forms and letters
  • Written by Lynette Contreni-Bernier, founder and President of CB&C, Inc., an aggressive, service-driven company providing specialized billing for specialized care. Through CB&C, Lynette has been supporting the success of hundreds of Chiropractic Clients, Physical Therapy and Multi-Disciplinary Clinics as well as Pain Management Practices. She is also an active Insurance Consultant for the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors.
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Self Funded vs Fully Funded

What are the differences between Self Funded and Fully Funded policies?  This article in Fall 2012 discusses the difference and how this can affect your practice.

Medical Necessity Appeals Process

Are you feeling overwhelmed by medical necessity appeals? This article is focused on a specific processes that can be used to streamline and increase revenue.

See the article by Lynette Contreni Bernier in New Jersey Chiropractor (Fall 2011)

Deciding Whether to Participate in BC/BS

Chiropractors ponder the question whether to participate with BC/BS.  Lynette Contreni Bernier discusses things to consider in making the decision in an article in New Jersey Chiropractor (Summer 2011).

CB&C Form: BC/BS Acknowledgement of Responsibility


Chiropractic Insurance Verification

A properly done verification can maximize the insurance reimbursement and the patient reimbursement, minimize time spent on followup and improve the overall function of the chiropractic office. Yet many offices continue to only obtain basic information when making those verification calls. This article provides  five of the most important questions that are seemingly still being omitted from the verification process.

See the article in Summer 2010 edition of New Jersey Chiropractor(Page 8).


BC/BS vs. Horizon BC/BS

There are many different BC/BS carriers doing business across the U.S., all with different policy guidelines related to covered CPTs for chiropractic, fee schedules, etc. The truth is, Horizon BC/BS is different from Empire BC/BS just as Cigna differs from Aetna, etc. So what might that mean for you?

See the article in Winter 2010 edition of New Jersey Chiropractor (Page 18).


Coordination of Benefits: How Does It Effect Reimbursement?

Amazingly, many providers have little understanding of COB.  They have no clue what it is, why it is important, or how it effects insurance reimbursement. As a matter of fact, offices think COB doesn’t even effect their claims—I promise you it does!

See the article in Summer 09 edition of New Jersey Chiropractor (Page 19).

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