The following are some recent webinars presented by CB&C, Inc. These should be of great interest in particular to chiropractic offices, billing staff, and even outside billing agencies:

  • Proper Coding & Documentation Webinar This webinar, presented by David Klein, CPC,CHC, explains the correct way to bill for Manual Therapy and CMT (Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy) services on the same date & explains potential problems when done incorrectly.
  • Evaluate Your EOBs for Proper Payment – The profitability of insurance reimbursement is directly related to the ability to know when an EOB is paid correctly and when it is not. A denial of a particular CPT or a particular DOS is not necessarily incorrect but at the same time, those who readily accept the information on the EOB as accurate may be missing valuable revenue. Unfortunately, many offices don’t have the knowledge to properly evaluate the EOBs and it causes a negative impact on their revenue stream.
  • Insurance Verification Systematize the Process – This presentation will drive home the point that properly verifying insurance is one key to running a highly profitable and highly efficient office. Used properly, this process can streamline:


-The insurance billing
-The receipt of payment
-Minimize time spent on follow-up
-And in some cases even aide in convincing the patient to remain in your office for care.